About Us

Who We Are

We believe that the real definition of success is attained when you have experienced the richness and fullness of life. More importantly, it is only with a healthy mind, body, and spirit that you would be able to do that. And simply because of that, the US-based health supplement brand--Amplicell was born.

By creating a variety of premium dietary supplements made only from safe, naturally-sourced & scientifically proven ingredients, we’ll be able to help men and women from different walks of life and different age groups to live their lives the way everyone deserves to.

Having a healthy mind, body & spirit is the key to experiencing the richness and fullness of life.
What Drives Us

People’s health and wellness needs from 5, 10, or 20 years ago are way different from what we need now. And with multiple factors that affect our overall well being today, we should be able to adjust accordingly so that we can fulfill our life goals, responsibilities & priorities.

And that’s exactly why we do what we do. Not to provide you with magic formulas or instant solutions, but instead offer stable, grounded stepping stones--our dietary supplements that’ll help you move closer to having a healthy mind, body and spirit. One day at a time towards health, happiness and success.

Our Products

Health and wellness is such a vast paradigm that involves both macro & micro priorities, all requiring equal attention. And the truth is, there isn’t a supplement that will miraculously address all those priorities at once.

So be it immunity, sexual wellness, weight management or digestive health, our dietary supplements will address your specific concerns first, and then help get you a step closer to achieving overall health & wellness.

And because it’s our products that define us, what we can promise you is this: each supplement will only be made available to you after a rigorous scientific examination and after the claims have been verified at multiple levels by 3rd party labs.

Our Core Values